A final-hour rally by the Dow Jones Industrial Average limited the index’s fall for the week to just over 2 percent, while a more energetic late move by retail shares locked in the week’s declines at nearly 5 percent.

As lawmakers continued to hammer out details of a rescue plan for Wall Street, financial stocks absorbed the biggest failure in U.S. banking history – Thursday night’s Washington Mutual collapse and the subsequent takeover of some of its assets by J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. Meanwhile, Wachovia’s shares dropped before the bell as reports spread it was in early-stage merger discussions with Citigroup.

Still, the Dow ended the week with a flourish, rising 121.07 points, or 1.1 percent, to 11,143.13. That put its decline for the week at 2.2 percent, but left it with a better than 5 percent increase since the sharp falls of Sept. 17.

The Standard & Poor’s Retail Index also came on strong late in Friday’s session, ending the day up 1.2 percent at 375.69. That left it with a decline of 4.7 percent for the week but 0.5 percent ahead of its Sept. 17 level.

For the week, the WWD Composite Index was down 12.55 points to 993.59.

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