PARIS — Swiss watch exports rose 10.8 percent in January, on a par with the annual increase in 2012, the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry reported on Thursday.


Foreign sales of Swiss timepieces reached 1.5 billion Swiss francs, or $1.62 billion, in the month, according to the federation. This followed a 5.6 percent fall in December 2012 and a 10.9 percent gain in full-year 2012.


Dollar figures are calculated at average exchange for the period to which they refer.


The number of exported wristwatches declined 2.8 percent in relation to January 2012, with a strong decrease in the amount of watches from the category of other materials sold — down 28 percent.


The volume decline mainly affected watches costing less than 200 Swiss francs, or $216.40. Sales of timepieces costing 200 Swiss francs to 500 Swiss francs, or $216.40 to $540.90, grew almost 30 percent, the highest increase.


Germany recorded a 46.4 percent rise in sales of Swiss watches, and gains in Hong Kong were 9.4 percent. Meanwhile, China was down 9.9 percent and the United States declined 7 percent.


“Most other markets, particularly in Europe, recorded strong increases in value terms,” the federation stated.