PARIS — Swiss watch exports rose 18 percent in October to 1.6 billion Swiss francs, or $1.65 billion, fueled by sales of watches priced between 200 and 500 francs, or $206 to $516, the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry said Thursday.


“The main markets for the Swiss watch industry achieved better than average growth in October,” the federation said.


Watch exports rose 20.6 percent between January and October to 12.82 billion Swiss francs, or $12.16 billion. Dollar figures are calculated at average exchange rates for the period in question.


Hong Kong, the largest market for Swiss timepieces, continued to achieve a sustained rate of growth, up 38.1 percent on the month. But China overtook it as the leading growth market with a rise of 42.6 percent in October.


The United States logged a healthy 31.4 percent gain.