TOKYO — Fast Retailing Co. Ltd. said Wednesday that comps at its Uniqlo stores in Japan dropped 5 percent in February, after posting strong January numbers.


The company attributed the drop to cold temperatures across Japan during the end of the month, which hindered sales of its spring line.


Uniqlo’s performance has been rocky in recent months. Same-store sales surged 10.7 percent in January but that was the first increase the retailer experienced in six months. Uniqlo has frequently blamed irregular weather patterns for its poor sales performance and much of the chain’s merchandise is very seasonal. Uniqlo’s Heattech innerwear range is designed to trap body heat and keep consumers warm and the chain has come up with similar products for the summer months meant to keep people cool.


Uniqlo’s same-store sales only take into account its stores in Japan that are open from the beginning to the end of its fiscal year, ending August 31, of which there are 696. After having closed one store in Japan during the month of February, the company currently operates 804 locations here.