Uniqlo Sept Comps Fall 24.7%

Unusually hot weather once again hurts business.

TOKYO — Unusually hot weather continued to bite into Uniqlo’s sales performance for the month of September, pushing comps down 24.7 percent.

Uniqlo parent Fast Retailing said Monday that warm temperatures discouraged shoppers from snapping up fall apparel. The numbers only refer to Uniqlo’s business in Japan.

The company similarly blamed the record-breaking heat wave for a 9.3 slump in August same-store sales. The Japan Department Store Association has also lamented the steamy summer’s impact on retail here. Its members posted a 3.2 percent decline in August comps.

Fast Retailing’s sales have been uneven lately, but the September figures represent the largest monthly drop so far this year.

On Friday, the fast fashion giant will report its annual results for the fiscal year ending August 31.