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Morocco’s Exports Fueled by Free Trade Pacts

Morocco’s textile and apparel sector has benefited from exemptions from import duties and favorable corporate tax terms for production in export processing zones.

Feds Seize $39.3 Million in Bogus Sports Merchandise

Officials seized millions of dollars in counterfeit sports merchandise in the past year and led a weeklong effort in San Francisco in the run-up to the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Trade Ministers Sign 12-Nation TPP Deal

The TPP trade deal is expected to boost trade for retailers and apparel and footwear brands.

A garment factory in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Factory Fire Shows Urgent Need for Safety Upgrades

The fire started Tuesday morning just before workers came in for the morning shift.

The rescue effort at the Rana Plaza collapse that prompted scrutiny of industry safety.

Bangladesh Factory Fire Prompts Renewed Safety Concerns

Labor and worker rights groups call on retailers and brands to step up safety repairs in Bangladesh in wake of a sweater factory fire Tuesday.

Tufts Study Claims TPP Losses, AAFA Endorses Pact

Study shows adverse impact of TPP, while AAFA joins long line of business groups that argue the trade deal will be a boost for businesses and countries.

New York-New Jersey Ports Back on Track, But Retailers Still Concerned

Retailers, caught off guard by the temporary shutdown at the New York-New Jersey ports Friday, were on edge Monday about future surprise disruptions.

USTR Developing Long-term Plan for AGOA

The fashion industry has a stake in AGOA and is exploring new sourcing opportunities in several African countries.

A garment factory in Bangladesh

Report Alleges H&M’s Bangladesh Factories Behind on Safety Fixes

Some progress cited at H&M’s factories in Bangladesh, but severe delays in safety repairs endanger garment workers, report alleges.