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Government and Trade

Trade Debate Heats Up In Congress

TPA vote headed to full House and Senate.

Panorama installation

‘Panorama’ Aims to Change Italian Image

In a bid to move beyond the tourist’s mental picture of Italy, several leading associations from the private sector have partnered on a special audiovisual installation called “Panorama,” to debut May 20 in Piazza Gae Aulenti.

CRP, Bangladesh

Bangladesh Remembers Rana Plaza, Two Years On

These last 24 months in Dhaka have been a prime example of the gamut that emotions can run. From horror — as the eight-story Rana Plaza collapsed on April 24, 2013, killing 1,135 garment workers — to helplessness, to suffering, to collective action, to planning, to correction and everything in between.

Senate Committee Passes TPA

Obama's trade agenda still faces hurdles.

U.S. Trade Measures Debated Before Congress

The heads of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and AFL-CIO squared off over the pros and cons of U.S. trade measures on Tuesday.

Juanita D. Duggan, AAFA, Mario Cordero

New Production Hubs Emerging

Sourcing is spreading to new areas worldwide.

Denim Recycled Scrap to Fiber.

The North Face Expands Recycling Program

The goal is to recycle 100K pounds of goods this year.

Obama Trade Deals Face Key Week

President Obama will be working to convince not only members of his own party but also the American public that trade can help boost the U.S. economy.

Foreign-Owned Stores Attacked Near Johannesburg

Concerns grow over xenophobic attacks in Johannesburg.