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Government and Trade

Denim Recycled Scrap to Fiber.

The North Face Expands Recycling Program

The goal is to recycle 100K pounds of goods this year.

Obama Trade Deals Face Key Week

President Obama will be working to convince not only members of his own party but also the American public that trade can help boost the U.S. economy.

Foreign-Owned Stores Attacked Near Johannesburg

Concerns grow over xenophobic attacks in Johannesburg.

Gena Accessories Recalls Women’s Scarves

Product failed to meet flammability standard.

Guatemala, AFL-CIO Spar Over Labor Rights

Guatemala has met a US Trade Representative’s 18-point labor enforcement plan linked to a bitter rights abuse case and hopes to avoid a proposed $15 million fine as it nears completion.

Congress Introduces Presidential Trade Authority

TPA gives major trade deals momentum.

Bangladesh Fire Safety on Radar for Mark Chubb

Accord's new fire chief implementing reforms.

Trade Promotion Authority Legislation Compromise Deal to Close Soon

TPA is seen as vital to completing several trade deals, particularly the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement negotiations between the U.S. and 11 other countries.

American Apparel Workers Take Complaints to Labor Board

Rumbles that the company’s factory workers are close to formally organizing continue with four fresh grievances filed Wednesday with the National Labor Relations Board.