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Government and Trade

Congress returns to session today.

Fashion Industry Lauds TPP Deal as Congressional Battle Looms

The agreement is one of the largest trade deals in history that seeks to tear down trade barriers and raise standards around the globe.

Department of Justice Builds Strategy to Battle Counterfeits, Cyber Crime

The new plan calls on the FBI tol partner with third-party marketplaces to ensure they have the right analytical tools and techniques to fight cyber attacks and counterfeiting on their Web sites.

An exterior of an H&M store.

H&M Factories in Bangladesh Haven’t Made Safety Repairs, Report Alleges

The Clean Clothes Campaign, International Labor Rights Forum, Maquila Solidarity Network and Worker Rights Consortium jointly published the report.

China’s September PMI Prompts Concern

Chinese manufacturing activity ticked up slightly in September yet PMI is still at levels indicating contraction in the sector.

WTO Revises Trade Forecast Downward

WTO cuts trade outlook in face of falling import demand in China, other emerging nations.

U.S. Adds Cotton Products to GSP

The GSP program gives duty-free treatment to 5,000 types of eligible imported products from 122 beneficiary developing countries and territories.

Child Labor Issues Remain, But DOL Report Cites Progress

Instances of child labor were found in apparel, textile and footwear production among some top 10 U.S. suppliers.

Judge Grants Motion to Drop ITC Lip Balm Case

A request by The Kind Group and EOS to drop a patent infringement complaint they filed in June is granted.

Congress returns to session today.

Next House Speaker to Face Test on Trade Agenda

The leading contender, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R., Calif.), has a pro-trade record.