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Government and Trade

Apparel Summit to be Held in Chittagong

An Apparel and Safety Expo will be held in Chittagong on Thursday and Friday.

Deadline for Trans-Pacific Partnership Talks Seen as Mid-August

The pressure is growing to conclude the talks before the end of the year and before the U.S. presidential campaign enters full gear.

Customs Seizes Fake Designer Handbags, Sunglasses

Counterfeits handbags and sunglasses seized in separate Florida busts.

Abercrombie Settles ITC Laser Denim Case

Abercrombie joins a dozen companies that have settled the patent infringement case.

State Dept. Identifies Forced Labor in Garment, Cotton Sectors

New report on human trafficking details problems of forced labor in several countries and sectors.

Fashion Industry Flexes Its Lobbying Muscle on TPP

The fashion industry has logged thousands of miles and spent heavily on shaping the rules of TPP.

Wal-Mart Pledges New Steps to Reduce Greenhouse Gases

White House launches new plan with private sector pledge to reduce greenhouse emissions.

Fashion World Spends Big in First-Half Lobbying

How much retailers and industry associations have spent on lobbying in Washington in the first half.

Kmart Settles Converse Trademark Case

Kmart joins other major brands and retailers in settling broad ITC trademark infringement case