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USTR Michael Froman

Sri Lanka Seeks U.S. Market Access as Countries Sign Action Plan

U.S. and Sri Lanka sign a joint action plan to boost bilateral trade and investment.

India's Pratibha Syntex fabric mill.

World Bank: China’s Rising Costs Could Create 1.2 Million Apparel Jobs in India

The report predicted that as wages increase, China, the largest apparel manufacturer, is expected to slowly relinquish its lead position in the global apparel market.

BHS store

Philip Green to Appear Before U.K. Parliament’s Work and Pensions Committee

Committee has launched investigation into pensions in wake of BHS collapse

U.S. Locks Horns With China, India Over Subsidy Programs at WTO

During a two-day session of the WTO’s Committee on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures, the U.S. said China’s notifications since it joined the WTO in 2001 were “grossly incomplete.”

Apparel and textile imports to the U.S. from Mexico in 2014 totaled $4.7 billion.

House Passes Bill Reforming Tariff Relief Process

Textile producers, brands and retailers stand to benefit from the bill.

Customs officials sort through counterfeit goods.

New USTR Report Finds Widespread Counterfeiting in China

Brands and retailers still being hurt by counterfeits in China and worldwide give credit to USTR for keeping the issue in the spotlight.

Donald Trump

Academic Paper Finds Link Between Trade and Polarized Politicians

The impact of trade on U.S. jobs further polarizes lawmakers and presidential candidates, new research paper finds.

According to Target PIN data is "safe and secure" despite the security breach.

RILA Opposes Data Breach Notification Bill

The bill would require retailers to notify customers after a data security breach and establish a national data security standard.

Chinese manufacturers

Some Concern Over Potential Price Increases in China

Economists say mitigating factors will counter any move by Chinese suppliers to raise prices to compensate for lost subsidies.