IT’S ALL IN THE MAKEUP: Makeup artist Bobbi Brown was tapped to do Jill Biden’s makeup for her husband Joe’s biggest moment on the national political stage — his acceptance speech Wednesday night for the Democratic party’s nomination as vice president. Brown told WWD she was not only doing Jill Biden’s makeup, but also that of her mother and sister. “She is awesome,” said Brown, who is also doubling as a delegate in the New Jersey delegation. “She seems like the coolest, hippest modern lady.”

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Before breaking out her brushes for the gig, Brown said she had never met Jill Biden and had only seen photos of her, adding: “She looks like a classic Ralph Lauren-Bobbi Brown girl.”

NEVER TOO EARLY: Among the endless analysis of Sen. Hillary Clinton’s speech on Tuesday night, perhaps no one captured the immediate mood better than a Hollywood actor. “I think Sean Penn put it better than anyone else,” said Walter Isaacson, who was chatting with the actor nearby at a party following Clinton’s speech. “He said, ‘It was the best first campaign speech of 2012.’”