By  on July 13, 2010

GENEVA — Global yarn and fabric output dropped significantly in the first quarter, largely because of double-digit declines in production in China, an industry survey said.

World yarn production fell 12.8 percent compared with the fourth quarter of 2009, and fabric production worldwide decreased 9.7 percent, according to a report by the International Textile Manufacturers Federation, an industry umbrella group. The contraction was led by a 17.3 percent fall in China’s yarn production and a 16.4 percent drop in its fabric output.

Peter Frei, the textile group’s chief analyst, said the decrease in China took industry experts by surprise. Frei said the worldwide problem of securing cotton supplies may have played a role, noting that China had reduced the production of cotton for domestic use last year.

Munir Ahmad, executive director of the International Textiles & Clothing Bureau, said the biggest factor pushing down the numbers was “the decline in apparel consumption,” but conceded factors such as stock draw downs and scarcity of cotton supplies may have played a role. Ahmad said demand for apparel was picking up and he was confident the Chinese figures would rebound in the second quarter.

The textile organization’s study notes that yarn and fabric output contracted 4 percent in Europe in the first quarter after dropping 3.6 percent in the fourth quarter. In the U.S., yarn production in the first quarter rose 5.1 percent, and in South America, it gained 17.4 percent, mostly because of a strong recovery in Brazil. Fabric production in the U.S. was stable in the period, and in South America it rose 5.3 percent.

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