Andrea Jung Nominated to Daimler Board

The former Avon chief executive has been nominated to the advisory boardof the German auto firm.

PARIS — Andrea Jung, Avon Products Inc.’s former chief executive officer, was nominated to join Daimler’s board.

Jung, 54, was Avon’s ceo from 1999 until April 2012. She was succeeded as ceo by Sherilyn “Sheri” McCoy. Jung remained as nonexecutive chairman of the company until the end of 2012 and is now a senior adviser to Avon.

As a member of the German auto firm’s board, Jung is expected to succeed Lynton R. Wilson, whose term expires in April. Daimler shareholders still have to vote on the nomination when they meet at their annual meeting this spring.

The nomination is said to be an effort by the German firm to increase the number of women on its board.