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Dov Charney with a supporter outside of the American Apparel headquarters in Los Angeles.

Judge Grants Restraining Order Against Dov Charney

The order bars Charney from attempts to remove members of the American Apparel board of directors or from making disparaging remarks about the company or any of its employees.

René Benko Under Legal Investigation

Austrian real estate developer being investigated for corruption related to the building of his luxury chalet in Lech.

Abercrombie & Fitch

A&F Loses Supreme Court Case Over Religious Rights

In an 8-to-1 ruling, the High Court said a job applicant or employee must only show a need for religious accommodation to prevail in a “disparate treatment claim.”

American Apparel

Proxy Fight Looms for American Apparel

The firm's board is asking shareholders to vote against two board nominees proposed by Jeffrey Kolb.

Bulgari to Stand in Tax Trial This Fall

Brothers Paolo and Nicola Bulgari, former chief executive officer Francesco Trapani and 10 company executives have been indicted.

Matteo Marzotto

Valentino Sale Decision Key Issue in Marzotto Trial

Friday’s hearing in the ongoing Marzotto tax trial once again illustrated how the young entrepreneur’s wish was to retain the Valentino Fashion Group.

Target's chip-enabled RedCard.

Target Credit Breach Settlement Falls Through

Lack of bank support renders $19 million plan involving Master Card null and void.

J.C. Penney has 1,100 stores.

Class Action Against J.C. Penney Could Involve ‘Hundreds of Thousands’

The class was certified Monday for a case filed in 2012 that alleges Penney's engaged in unfair and fraudulent business practices around its sale pricing strategy.

A view outside the JC Penney store.

Judge Certifies Class Action Over JC Penney Phantom Discounts

The federal judge certified a class-action lawsuit that accuses the retailer of marking up retail prices on sale items.