Donna Morgan LLC, owner of Ali Ro, is suing a host of well-known retailers, including Urban Outfitters Inc., Gap Inc. and Revolve Clothing, for selling A+RO, a label with a “confusingly similar” name.

The suit, which was filed early this month in New York federal court, had initially named Saks Inc. as a lead defendant, but according to Donna Morgan lawyer Thomas Furth, his client “worked something out” with the retailer.

In addition to the aforementioned retailers, manufacturers including Mona Liza Fashion and Ellie Clothing Inc. were named in the suit.

The crux of the suit rests on claims that the defendants infringed on the Ali Ro trademark, which was registered in 2008, when it sold women’s apparel bearing a “similar” A+RO mark. According to court papers, Donna Morgan became aware of the alleged infringement on Sept. 22.

Aside from trademark infringement, Donna Morgan is alleging unfair competition, common law trademark infringement and a violation of New York General Business Law.

The plaintiff is seeking a preliminary injunction that would keep the defendants from selling A+RO apparel, in addition to damages and other costs.