NEW YORK New York City police officers conducted raids on an entire city block of buildings in Chinatown this morning and have started the task of seizing loads of counterfeit fragrances and accessories.


Investigators involved in the bust said at least eight buildings were targeted in the sweep. Undercover investigators made purchases of counterfeit goods from as many as 56 vendors who had set up shop in the buildings.


Kevin Dougherty, president of private investigation firm Counter-Tech Investigations, which was involved in the investigation, said it would likely take two days to empty out the contents of the buildings. The majority of items seized so far have been handbags, scarves, belts, watches and fragrances.


No arrests have been made, but city officials will move quickly to issue violations of health and safety codes, effectively shutting the buildings down. It’s a strategy that has been successfully employed elsewhere in the city and puts the burden of counterfeiting on the shoulders of landlords.


Intellectual property lawyers and brand owners believe the raid could signal a turning point in the battle against Chinatown counterfeiting operations.


For more, see Wednesday’s issue of WWD.

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