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Beauty Inc issue 10/12/2012

Blackglama has revived its “What Becomes A Legend Most” ad campaign, and no wonder. The power of icons to move the merch hasn’t dimmed in the years since the campaign launched in 1968. This fall, beauty companies are tapping into the allure of some very famous faces. From Nars comes an eye-catching Andy Warhol collection based on the pop artist’s most identifiable images. MAC is banking on the sex appeal of Marilyn Monroe, Procter & Gamble Co. that of James Bond. “The connection to glamour is very powerful, particularly with iconic celebrities,” says Marc Gobé, founder and author of Emotional Branding. Sales-wise, look for such products to help prestige beauty build on the nine percent gain that the category has posted for the first half of this year. “From an image perspective, it’s the right connection,” says Gobé, “and from a business perspective, they’re not betting on something that will disappear or dissolve. Emotion transcends, and that’s what we all have in common.”

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