BUILDING A NETWORK: Details magazine has gathered a bunch of its favorite bloggers — like Bryan Grey Yambao, aka BryanBoy — into what it calls a blogger’s network, a lately fashionable phenomenon among women’s magazines. Lucky and Glamour both launched their own networks, of varying size, two years ago.

These networks potentially draw new social media-savvy eyeballs to magazines’ Web sites — Details says the bloggers share an audience of more than 10 million readers. But they are also a way to make a play for more digital advertising.

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Details’ creation, called The Style Network, was motivated by an uptick in advertising from men’s wear brands, said Dan Peres, editor in chief.

Taking the sponsorship of the network’s launch this month is Mr Porter, while Ermenegildo Zegna follows in March.

Peres also said there’s just more interest in men’s fashion.

“There was a time when I would ride the elevator and overhear conversations between women, ‘Oh my god, where did you get that dress?’ I’m starting to hear it now between men. ‘Oh my god, those are amazing boots, where did you get that?’” he said.

A men’s magazine like Details used to answer those types of questions for its readers, but the network will now work as one-stop shop for “a community of third-party authorities,” Peres said. A sample post extols the virtues of skin-care brand La Mer.

Bloggers, more than 40 in all, won’t be posting exclusively to the network. Editors from the magazine will curate their best material to share on a dedicated vertical that lives at, so someone like Yambao isn’t violating any copyright issues with the other blog portals where he already appears, like NowManifest, a division of Fairchild Fashion Media.

“It’s like a retweet. We’ll bring them to our audience, they bring us to their audience,” Peres said. In exchange for allowing their posts to be shared, the bloggers get a Details Contributor digital sticker.

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