LOS ANGELES — From the Himalayas to Hollywood, Dr. Martens has been making house calls around the world.

The result will be a new ad campaign for the popular shoe brand that emerged from England and became a major hit here. British photographer John MacFarlane and a crew of five recently took a van loaded with Doc Martens shoes through Guatemala, Mexico and the Southwestern U.S. Along the way, they met folks ranging from locals to circus performers to prostitutes and took pictures of all of them in the shoes.

“We are trying to build a theme here: Doc Martens walks the world,” said Laura Middleton of Ogilvy, Adams and Rinehart, the London firm that has the Dr. Martens account. “We thought we could do this for a year and have a retrospective.”

The photos will be the centerpiece of a print campaign in Europe and, possibly, another in the U.S. A tv commercial also will come out of the tour, as well as a documentary for British public television.

MacFarlane began his trip in New York in late February, then concentrated on the Southwest, Mexico and Central America. The journey ended here in late April, but Middleton said others are being planned for later this year.

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