NEW YORK — The fall advertising campaign for Elle Macpherson Intimates is guaranteed to give a special twist to marketing lingerie.

Supermodel and actress Elle Macpherson calls the concept behind the ads “Intimate Stories.”

The campaign was unveiled to the media Sunday and is due to launch in magazines next month. It focuses on images of a model in lingerie in lifestyle settings that reflect five intimate stories written by five high-profile figures: actress and comedienne Sandra Bernhard, pop star Sir Elton John, Australian screenwriter Matt Ford and two British artists, Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin.

The campaign, photographed by Regan Cameron, was developed by the Glue Society, a Sydney-based creative firm. The concept offers a glimpse into each of the subjects’ private worlds of fantasy, romance and humor that furnish clues to the personality and character of each setting.

Macpherson said in a statement that the celebrities “offer an individual interpretation of the story inherent in the image they are writing.”

“However, there are many possibilities beyond this, and we invite the viewer to enjoy the intrigue and draw their own conclusions,” she said.

The anthologies range from Bernhard’s “The Illusion,” a bittersweet yet romantic snapshot of emptiness and unfulfilled love, to John’s upbeat take of “Rocket Girl,” a woman who can be an average daydreaming girl next door or a glam queen.

“She’s faster than a bolt of lightning, but prefers to do things slowly,” John wrote. “Rough with a thug, yet beguilingly smooth. Dedicated to helping others with more than a hint of selfishness. Waitress by day, superheroine by night. Rocket Girl.”

An excerpt by Emin, who destroyed her early works after she suffered a self-described “emotional suicide” following an abortion, said: “I don’t understand if it is love, but I have an overwhelming sense that I want to see you again. This morning, I had a beautiful dream. For some reason, it took place in Thailand. You were laying in the bath, and I came and sat on you, my white skirt becoming wet, and you kissed me.”

Hirst, who is best known for his “Natural History” series in which dead animals including a tiger shark and a sheep were preserved in formaldehyde, shared his unusual perspective of intimacy with a comical barb: “I was in love with a girl who once had breasts on her back. She wasn’t much to look at, but she was great to dance with.”

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