Hanky Panky will launch hankypanky.com a multifaceted web site this week meant to be a marketing tool.

The 30-year-old specialist in thongs, daywear, sleepwear and bras teamed up with Lounge Lizard, a Web site design firm in Bohemia, N.Y., to create a site laced with whimsy as well as product and company information, where consumers can buy Hanky Panky intimates in the U.S. and internationally.

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“It’s a brand-building tool, offering cross-generational appeal,” said Gale Epstein, president and creative director of Hanky Panky. “It is a visually rich point of view, allowing the visitor to engage in the aesthetic of the brand and become immersed in the beauty of the medium.”

When first clicking on the site, a tag line saying “Indulge your inner flirt” will appear with a vintage-inspired fountain pen on which the silhouette of the company’s muse, Ginger, appears. Ginger gradually strips down to frilly underpinnings and the main page pops open to reveal a mélange of interactive — yet fictional — magazines, including Thongs and Panties, Lingerie, Bridal, Everyday Styles and Gifts. The pages featuring product assortments on a white shag rug can be turned by clicking on each page, which, of course, features Ginger in scanty undergarments and retro pinup girl visuals. Ginger also gives advice on each page like “Life is serious, lingerie should be fun.”

Juxtaposed against a mauve vanity background, the viewer can also interact with an assortment of boudoir objects such as a perfume atomizer that makes a whooshing sound as if perfume is being spritzed, an Art Deco mirror that flips to reveal Ginger’s face and a Thong Diary that can be opened by clicking on a key. The diary chronicles entries from consumers about their likes and dislikes about thongs, and visitors are encouraged to share their own personal thong stories. A red rose, a cleverly designed rosebud thong wrapped on a stem, links visitors to other sites that sell Hanky Panky thongs.

There is also a Note to Self navigation bar that looks like a notepad, which includes New Colors, Lingerie Wash, Join Mailing List, Press, History, Where to Buy and Contact Us.

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