“I was the only game in town. I was it,” says Ellen Barkin of her role as Abigail Sponder, right-hand woman to Al Pacino’s hotel magnate in “Ocean’s 13,” which premieres in Cannes tonight.

So how did she feel being the sole woman in the all-male buddy cast? “I loved it. I’ll never get that much attention again in my whole life,” she says wistfully.

Given her solo status, it isn’t surprising that a lot of care went into her wardrobe, which was designed by L’Wren Scott, her friend of 15 years. “We decided that I wouldn’t wear suits, skirts or accessories,” says Barkin, who calls herself a fashion minimalist. Instead, she wore Scott’s sexy sheaths in shades of red and pink. Barkin loved the clothes so much she packed nothing but Scott’s designs for her trip to the Riviera.

“I am a big repeat wearer,” the actress says. “I believe if you have a good dress, you should keep wearing it. The idea of disposable clothing is not for me. You go to some event and get your photo taken and then what? You’re never supposed to wear the dress again? I don’t buy that. It’s like, ‘Wear the dress! It’s good!'”

Even now, sitting in a seaside cabana at the Hotel du Cap, Barkin looks at ease in a rose suede dress and matching cashmere cardigan. Not that Cannes is by any means casual when you’re a movie star staying in a room that costs 4,000 euros, or $5,395, a night, but just what does Barkin wear during her downtime? “L’Wren makes me jeans.”

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