RADAR SCANS FOR STAFF: It ’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas for Maer Roshan .No one quite knows where the editorial budget of his magazine Radar is coming from (a list of investors,Roshan has said)but the magazine has finally set up shop in lower Manhattan,with a staff of less than 10 preparing the test issue,which will likely appear in the spring. Bradley Young (like Roshan,formerly of Talk)will be coming on as the magazine ’ photography director,joining ex-Talk staffer Drew Lee ,the deputy editor.Meanwhile,job openings have been posted on mediabistro.com for an ad sales director, a Detroit advertising manager,and the one thing every editor in chief needs:an assistant.

—Jacob Bernstein

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REM KOOLHAAS,EDITOR?:Thanks to S.I.Newhouse and James Truman ,superstar architect Rem Koolhaas may get the chance to play editor-for-a-day — or for more like an issue — at Wired.. His consulting arrangement with Condé Nast may finally bear fruit in the May issue,for which Koolhaas and his consulting firm,according to a source at Condé Nast and another at AMO,would assign the articles and then charge real Wired staffers with the dirty work of reporting and editing them. Koolhaas would also lend his byline to a story.Sources said talks about the plan are ongoing and have been for a while (so long,in fact,that Koolhaas was originally slated to edit the November issue).A source at AMO said money was the original sticking point,while Wired staffers said editorial control was the real one (after Rosie,celebrities — even celebrity architects — are suspect,,after all).A Wired spokeswoman disputed the idea of Koolhaas as editor,saying that “he ’ consulting on a separate editorial project appearing in the late Spring,at the earliest.”

—Greg Lindsay

TINA ’S TURN:Even Tina Brown was surprised by how hard her former employee Ken Auletta was on her former boss Harvey Weinstein in last week ’s profile in The New Yorker.”Harvey has a lot of charm and he ’ hard to capture.Ken is a terrific firecracker journalist,but it was a tough piece,”she said at a cocktail party Weinstein and Miramax Books threw Wednesday at the Four Seasons to toast the 11-week run of Rudy Giuliani ’ “Leadership “on The New York Times Bestseller List.Among the power players swirling around Giuliani and Judi Nathan were Gov.George Pataki ,Henry and Nancy Kissinger ,Carolina and Reinaldo Herrera ,Marie-Josée and Henry Kravis ,Bianca Jagger and Renée Zellweger ,who ducked out early to hit a benefit screening of “Chicago “at the Ziegfeld.

But the presence of Giuliani and the Miramax honcho ’ recent spate of bad press notwithstanding,Weinstein couldn ’t keep his mind off showbiz.”Where ’s my script?”he boomed to Page Six ’s Richard Johnson ,whom he encountered on the stairs .

—Alison Oneacre

MORE OF US:The deadlines at US Weekly may still be driving out some staffers,but reinforcements are coming.Weeks after rein- terpreting People ’ best-dressed theme in the US issue currently on newsstands,Bonnie Fuller has gone a step further,bringing on Craig Tomashoff ,a former 10-year veteran of People who most recently served as its associate West Coast bureau chief.He will become US ’ new television critic and replaces Tom Conroy ,a holdover from the Terry McDonnell days who lasted until two weeks ago.April Bernard ,meanwhile,is joining the magazine a senior editor after freelancing.Also joining is Jaimee Zanzinger ,a former associate editor of Fuller ’s old stomping ground,Glamour. Zanzinger will edit the Faces and Places section.

It ’s just too bad they didn ’t join Dec.1.According to sources,for the first time in recent memory,company chairman Jann Wenner gave the entire US staff bonuses for Christmas to thank them for the late hours and,more importantly,the rise in newsstand circulation.And it ’ not the only thing the US staff is getting for Christmas:the magazine will be closing both of the next two issues on Monday so that everyone can take the holidays off.”It ’s gonna be a long night,” one staffer said..


THE END OF A LONG WEEK:Alexandra Jacobs is said to be moving on.After almost three years with The New York Observer,the Eight Day Week columnist is moving to Los Angeles with her husband,who got a job there.This confirms rumors earlier this year that Jacobs might be giving up the job to head west.Jacobs did not return a call for comment.


TEEN BEAT:Annemarie Iverson has another project in the mix.In addition to writing a book with hairstylist Garren ,the former Seventeen editor is developing a TV how called “Girl Talk “that will tackle issues for young women.”We ’re pitching it to various cable tations,”Iverson said by phone.”I ’m really excited about it.At a magazine you can be working on one serious tory a month and on this you can do one a day.Each show will tackle topics for young women,like sex and shoplifting and teenage pregnancy.”Among those she ’ll be pitching the show to are Lifetime,WE,and HBO Family,and Fox Family Channel.

—J.B.and G.L.

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