MR. BIG WEIGHS IN: Though he didn’t attend Candace Bushnell’s impromptu July 4 wedding, former Bushnell flame Ron Galotti bids her the best of luck. “To think it took a professional dancer to fill Mr. Big’s shoes!” Galotti told WWD.

As to whether Bushnell’s marriage to Charles Askegard after only eight weeks of courtship was a bit hasty, Galotti said: “I don’t think Candace would have married someone just to be married. She’s always been an independent girl. That’s what I love about her. And she’s always been a doll to me,” he added. Galotti (and his wife) sent the new bride flowers along with a note. And what does the note say? “It’s really personal,” was all Galotti would reveal.

This story first appeared in the July 9, 2002 issue of WWD.  Subscribe Today.

Still, the wedding was not without its own bit of “Sex and the City”-style drama. When the bridal party walked down to the Nantucket beach where Bushnell was to be married, she discovered a trellis that seemed custom-made for the occasion. Not five minutes after vows were exchanged, a woman came bounding down the beach to inform the party that the trellis used had been placed there for another wedding: hers. Well, leave it to Carrie Bradshaw.

YOU SILLY WAKSAL: Neil Travis’s sources must have been asleep this weekend because contrary to his claim that Sam Waksal “hasn’t been sighted anywhere in the Hamptons,” the legally challenged friend of Martha Stewart was spotted on Thursday, July 4 at 5:30 p.m. He was shopping at the new Citarella on Pantiago Road in East Hampton — which is basically the East End equivalent of showing up on a Tuesday at Da Silvano. And though he wore sunglasses, a Hawaiian shirt and the strangest brown pair of clogs anyone had ever seen, it was hard to mistake him for anyone else, given his highly distinct hairdo (read: male pattern baldness). Just FYI.

COOPER TO GIVENCHY: Nathan Cooper has joined Givenchy as director of communications, where he will handle all press for men’s and women’s ready-to-wear, couture and accessories. He succeeds Elizabeth Loomis, who has become a special projects consultant to parent LVMH.

Cooper was previously a senior editor at and a writer for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

GOSSIP-FREE: Glenn O’Brien, a writer and creative director, and Max Biagg, writer and performer, have teamed up to create a semi-annual magazine of the arts called Bald Ego. A four-color magazine in paperback book form, it will be distributed next month by D.A.P. in North America, Europe and Asia, priced at $15. Bald Ego will feature poetry, photography, fiction, essays, drawing, painting and cartoons. What it won’t have, according to O’Brien, “is journalism, criticism or gossip.” The debut cover was shot by Jean-Baptiste Mondino and the magazine is designed by Mark Weinberg, former art director of Spin. Contributors include Fabien Baron, Alex Katz, Billy Sullivan and Sante D’Orazio. Advertisers in the premiere issue include Calvin Klein, Burberry, David Yurman and Kate Spade.

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