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DON’T CHEAT ON COLBERT: The most efficient way to get attention from Stephen Colbert is to write about him, but Glamour might not have expected the outpouring of attention a tiny item got from the comedy show host on Monday night. Brandishing a copy of the October issue, he gleefully pointed out a poll that asked readers which late night talk show host they would “do” (Jimmy Fallon), “dump” (Conan O’Brien) or “marry” (Colbert).

O’Brien recently canceled a planned appearance on Colbert’s show because of a concussion, but Colbert blamed the magazine. “I know how much the readers of Glamour mean to him. But buck up, Irish. A lot of people love you. Just not the beautiful, sophisticated readers of this leading magazine,” he said adding: “And to those lovely ladies, let me add — you whores! How dare you cheat on me with Jimmy Fallon! We’re married! You can’t marry one person and do somebody else! I don’t care if Jimmy Fallon is ‘totes hot’ — and I readily admit that he is — but marriage is a sacred trust! You don’t see me running around reading Allure! And believe me, I’ve had plenty of opportunities.” He then broke down. “You know what, f–k it. I can’t do the show tonight,” he said, pulling out some Ben & Jerry’s and sobbing, “No wonder they don’t want to do me. I’m fat.”

This story first appeared in the September 30, 2009 issue of WWD.  Subscribe Today.

By the next day, had a Hulu clip up, and editor in chief Cindi Leive seemed amused. “Well, I just sent him a wedding ring and a congratulatory toaster,” she said. “Plus some funny hand-written marriage vows.” — Irin Carmon

NEW LOOK: For nine years, DailyCandy dictated to its 3 million subscribers the hippest and most unique designers, restaurants, travel destinations and products via an e-mailed newsletter. But now, those followers — and more — will be able to respond to DailyCandy’s editors via comments to each story posted on its redesigned Web site. Visitors also can give their opinions on archived content, which has been unlocked and catalogued by subject.

“We’ve always assumed that this sort of communication was going on. They’ve written in to us, and we’ve grown [our site] through our readers talking to each other, in the form of forwarding e-mails,” said DailyCandy editor in chief Eve Epstein. Since the revamped site was unveiled Friday, commenters have not only voiced approval for the editors’ picks, but also provided their own suggestions for restaurants, products and services. “We love that readers are stepping up and taking the role of co-editors,” said Epstein. One took her role as guest editor extremely literal, taking issue with the site’s loose editorial voice. “DailyCandy should avoid using offensive terms such as shiksa in their e-mails. It is derogatory and deeply insulting,” wrote solieilame on a post Monday in response to an item on coffee stencils. In three business days, the site has already gathered 200 comments on its postings. As for the editors themselves, most will remain behind the scenes (few of the items have bylines) but some staffers will pop up in once-a-week DailyCandy videos on the site.

Aside from comments, beauty and gift recommendations soon will be added to the site, and advertising will be more integrated, with larger ad units available on the site, and region-specific ad placements available. Dove, Degree, Downy, Stolichnaya and Diet Coke have advertised since the relaunch. — Stephanie D. Smith


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