DYING, ETC: It was being touted as the next big thing at Time Inc., the one that could actually make it out of the gate. But it turns out Living Etc., the British shelter title being developed for the U.S. by former In Style features editor Angela Matusik, isn’t going to see the light of day after all. According to several insiders at Time Inc., the title has been placed on the back burner and its future is “highly unlikely.”

But it’s not all doom and gloom for everything shelter-related that’s not Real Simple. According to Time Inc. insiders, Living Etc. has been upstaged by yet another shelter title known throughout the building as Cottage, which is being developed by the company’s Southern Progress division. And this one, they say, could make it to launch, very soon — though that was the sort of thing everyone was hearing about Living Etc…. — Jacob Bernstein

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SUMMER JOB: After more than 25 years feeding media luminaries like Graydon Carter, Fran Lebowitz, Anna Wintour and Steve Florio, Silvano Marchetto has become something akin to the city’s own bread and pasta guru, the Italian chef to end all Italian chefs.

But this summer, Marchetto decided to embark on a little side career. While in Italy on vacation last month, girlfriend-cartoonist Marisa Acocella came back to his house in Florence with her very own Jelly Kelly bag, priced then between 50 and 60 euros (about $80 in U.S. currency).

“It’s going to be the ‘It’ bag,” Acocella told her silver-haired boyfriend.

And so, Silvano ordered a bunch of the bags — $25,000 worth, we’re told. He knows she’s a sharp cookie with good taste.

What no one anticipated was a massive lawsuit that was filed against the bag’s makers by Hermès shortly after Marchetto’s return. And so, Marchetto returned the bags before they could be resold. Too bad. On Thursday they were going on eBay for upward of $500 each. Talk about profit margins! —?J.B.

WORLD NEWS OF THE WEEK: It’s that time of year again at Wenner Media. The boss is back from vacation, yet another editor has left the building, and it’s time to…CLEAN YOUR DESK!

This week, an e-mail was sent out From chairman Jann Wenner to the staffs of Rolling Stone, Us Weekly and Men’s Journal: “It’s time to clean up the office. I want you to have everyone make time this week to clear out and clean up. Inspection is this Friday, Aug. 22nd, and the basic guidelines are as follows:

  • Clear desktops and countertops of all unnecessary items. Do not store anything on top of the overhead compartments.
  • All affixed items are limited to corkboards and should not extend over the borders of the corkboards. Nothing should be affixed to the glass partitions, including Post-its.
  • Personal items, novelty items, etc. should be kept to a bare minimum and displayed neatly.
  • All aisles and floors should be clear and clutter free. Thank you.” — J.B. and G.L.

SEE PARIS: We knew Seventeen was going to be different under editor Atoosa Rubenstein, but not this different. When Sarah Michelle Gellar was on the cover a few months back, she looked like an alien, but now they’ve got a cover girl who even behaves like one: Paris Hilton. Presumably, the hype around her reality show’s debut at the end of that month will hopefully bring subscribers who don’t read Page Six up to speed.

It’s Rubenstein’s first issue at the helm, but she’s far from finished shaking things up inside the book and out. In this week’s staff changes, headed out the door are entertainment editor Laura Morgan and West Coast editor Dina Sansing, both of whom were made redundant by incoming deputy editor Carissa Rosenberg. Deputy editor Mikki Halpin is also gone, and she’s been replaced by New York magazine senior editor Shyama Patel. Patel edited the “Best Bets” shopping section at the weekly and is the latest addition to Rubenstein’s fashion brigade. And the magazine has a new art director again after poaching Allure’s Jessica Musumeci. — G.L.

RETURN ENGAGEMENT: Does your potential boss at Marie Claire wear Jimmy Choos or Manolos? Is Anna Wintour a Pisces or a Libra? Were Zac Posen and Buckwheat separated at birth? This September, you’ll be able to find out this and more when the Us Daily New York Fashion Week giveaway arrives for three more installments and a new editor. Coming on board to supervise the paper is Christine Shea, the former beauty director from Harper’s Bazaar. —?J.B.

HELP WANTED: It used to be that disgruntled magazine staffers searching for jobs on mediabistro.com could only find junior positions at titles like Pig Farmer News and Organic Style. But Mediabistro.com is moving up in the world, and now you can even apply to be the editor in chief of recently resuscitated Worth Magazine right through the site’s job listings page. In fact, they’ve posted it twice, so perhaps you actually have a shot. —?J.B.

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