GQ GOES TO CHINA: GQ is the latest Condé Nast title to expand into China. Jonathan Newhouse, chairman of Condé Nast International, said in a statement Wednesday the monthly magazine will begin publishing in October. It will be produced by Condé Nast under a copyright cooperation agreement with the China News Service. “GQ is a flagship title of Condé Nast. We believe the magazine will be a success in the Chinese market,” said Newhouse. The market could be a huge one for the men’s title, considering the country’s population of 1.3 billion, and the abundance of male only children born after the country implemented its family planning policy in the Seventies. The wealthier, city-dwelling young men are often referred to by market research firms as “Little Emperors” with a voracious appetite for luxury goods and designer brands. GQ is the fourth Condé Nast title to appear in the region after Vogue, Self and Modern Bride.

— Samantha Conti

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GOING RETAIL: Whether it’s a reality TV show or a line of T-shirts, magazine brands continue to reach for a larger audience beyond the newsstand. Travel + Leisure is putting its own spin on the trend by attaching its name to a new chain of stores in airports. The American Express Publishing title has partnered with Hudson Group — known for its newsstand brand Hudson News — to open retail locations in airports, which offer luggage, travel guides, books and, naturally, Travel + Leisure magazine, along with sister title Food & Wine. The first store opened a few weeks ago at Vancouver International Airport and more are planned for Halifax and JFK. “Hudson has successfully partnered with TV networks in the past, in our CNN Newsstand and CMT Loot stores,” said Hope Remoundos, executive vice president of marketing for Hudson Group. “But this marks our first partnership with a magazine.”

— Amy Wicks

MATCH POINTS: The juxtaposition of Ralph Lauren, Woody Allen and Russell Crowe seated inches away from each other at the Wimbledon men’s final Sunday amused even those who were riveted by the Federer-Roddick match, as bloggers and Tweeters wondered what they might say to each other. On ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption,” host Mike Wilbon and guest host Dan LeBatard were asked which of the celebrities they would have wanted to sit next to, including Henry Kissinger, who was also there.

“You know, if I’m talking to Kissinger, we’re just talking about something 30 years ago, when I was like in high school,” said Wilbon. “I don’t think I would have had that much to say to Kissinger. Russell Crowe would try to hit you, you know with a cell phone or something. Woody Allen — please, he just frightens me. I would want to sit next to Ralph Lauren. We can talk about fashion. I might get him to give me some freebies at one of his stores back in the US…”

LeBatard cut in: “How superficial are you? You could talk to Kissinger about a little thing called history. Or you could talk to Ralph Lauren about jackets, about fabric? What are you going to talk to Ralph Lauren about?” To which Wilbon replied, “You need to talk to Ralph Lauren, clearly, LeBatard! You need to get some linens and some silks, get rid of that cotton you’re wearing down there in South Beach.”

Said LeBatard indignantly, “This is Armani!”

— Irin Carmon


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