Meredith Corp. is extending its Parents publication to speak to the Millennial Latina market.

According to the New York-based publishing firm, it will launch Parents Latina in spring 2015. The magazine, which will be in English, will focus on serving U.S. Hispanic young mothers, a growing demographic.

“We believe Parents Latina will have tremendous appeal to the growing market of second-generation Hispanic moms who crave cultural relevance in their media but prefer to consume it in English,” said president of Meredith Parents Network Carey Witmer, who cited census data showing that one out of four children born in the U.S. is Hispanic, and that is expected to grow to one out of three by 2030.

Parents Latina will have a “guaranteed rate base of 700,000 and will be published quarterly,” Meredith said.

Currently, Meredith targets Hispanic women through Siempre Mujer, which is published six times a year with a rate base of 550,000; Ser Padres, which is published eight times a year and has a rate base of 850,000; Ser Padres Espera, published three times a year with a rate base of 500,000, and Ser Padres Bebé, published annually with a rate base of 600,000.

“Today, Meredith serves more than six million Hispanic women across our print and digital platforms,” added Meredith National Media group president Tom Harty. “With the launch of Parents Latina, we are putting a new stake in the marketplace.”

He offered that Meredith will leverage the power of its Parents franchise along with Meredith Hispanic Media and its 100-million-name database to “provide marketers with a powerful new platform to reach these very desirable consumers.”

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