It appears that not everyone was as enthralled with the idea of a public audition for potential Newsweek editors as the staffers who put out the call on Thursday. A day after the magazine’s Tumblr blog made a splash in media circles with a cheeky YouTube video soliciting resumes for the vacancy (and bribes in the form of pastries and leg warmers), all-seeing media blogger Jim Romenesko pointed out via Twitter that the post had vanished. Newsweek’s Tumblr team deferred to chief operating officer Joseph Galarneau when asked about the deletion. “Our ongoing search for an editor was in the news for a bit this week and this post was a tongue-in-cheek way to have a little fun with that,” Galarneau wrote in an email. “Now the news cycle has moved on and we rotated the post off, although the team is still accepting applications and desserts.”


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In hindsight, the video may have been too popular for its own good. A less celebrated, and video-less post, that floated the idea of auditions earlier in the week was still up on the blog as of Friday afternoon. And the news cycle notwithstanding, the deletion looks to be something of an extraordinary measure. Former Newsweek staffer Mark Coatney, who helmed the Tumblr before departing over the summer (for a job with Tumblr no less), said he had never been directed to take down any posts on the blog.


“I do know that one doesn’t ‘rotate the post off’ when the news cycle moves on; like all blog formats, the post simply moves down the page as newer ones come in on top,” Coatney wrote in an email.


Whatever the cause for the actual post’s deletion, readers looking to catch the video in re-runs still can. The video itself is still on YouTube (for now).

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