Catalogues can now have several lives, thanks to Pictela.

“New technologies coming to bear over the last 12 months and the next 12 months are allowing our content to go everywhere,” said Greg Rogers, chief executive officer and co-founder of Pictela, a content management platform that transforms high-definition brand assets into online ads and social media.

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Some $15 billion is spent as an industry to produce, print and mail catalogues, said Rogers. He believes there are new technologies to be leveraged by that investment. He feels that beyond sending a catalogue to a customer’s mailbox, they can be posted on the Web and used in advertising, social media, mobile, digital at home, and in TV videos. Pictela partners with media brands such as, Condé Nast, Glam Media, Pandora, MTV Networks, AOL, Yahoo, Shopzilla and Time Inc. to get brand images on these sites. Clients such as Victoria’s Secret, Nike and Macy’s use Pictela to distribute their creative images across hundreds of Web sites.

He feels brands should deliver catalogues to places where the consumer can see them. He said one of his fashion clients recently took a three-prong strategy whereby it served the catalogue into ad units, placed it on their corporate Facebook page and notified fashion bloggers that their new sharable catalogue was available.

He found evidence the user experience online looks similar to offline catalogue behavior. The average user looked through 8.4 product pages for 42 seconds. And 15 percent of the users looked through all 41 pages for five minutes, according to Rogers. The catalogue was delivered into 30 million ad impressions and shared 1,400 times.

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