“Be kind, we’re first-time directors,” Kirsten Dunst told the audience Tuesday night at Glamour’s third annual Reel Moments screening, where she presented her short film “Welcome,” starring Winona Ryder. Dunst needn’t have worried; the audience reception to the flicks was overwhelmingly positive (maybe they’d been doused by too much of Clinique’s Happy fragrance, the evening’s sponsor?).

Dunst, whose movie is about a ghost, is a fan of scary movies and “things that build in tension,” she said.

For her film “Cutlass,” Kate Hudson cast Chevy Chase and Dakota Fanning to appear in the tale of a young girl desperate for an expensive guitar; while Rita Wilson addressed one woman’s self-discovery in “The Trap,” starring Jeanne Tripplehorn. Guests Bryce Dallas Howard, Jennifer Meyer and Glamour publisher Bill Wackerman were supportive of the newbie directors’ efforts, and Tom Hanks said that after watching his wife “slave away” on her short, he’d like to see her take on the challenge again. Under one condition: “Don’t give me any special effects thing,” Wilson joked. “I would not even know what to do with that.”

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