RULE NO. 1 — DON’T MESS WITH ELEPHANTS: In Condé Nast’s most recent round of publisher reshuffling, Carolyn Kremins landed at Condé Nast Traveler. She called the job “a dream come true.” Eleven days into her new position, she served as co-host at Traveler’s Readers’ Choice Awards at the Edison Ballroom on Monday night, and WWD wondered: Had she taken any vacations lately?

“I took it in Botswana,” said Kremins. “I went with my family — my husband and two girls.”

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Go on.

“I’ll tell you a couple of things,” she said. “There are very few places on this planet where you can get away and really be disconnected. I have never had that in my life. There was no phone, no Internet, no newspapers, no WWD. There was really nothing.”

Other observations from her trip: “Elephants are like squirrels there.”

This is a bad thing.

“I like leopards a lot, I like giraffes a lot,” she said. “The elephants? I had a little run-in with one. I appreciate them, but.”


“There was an elephant who I guess I pissed off,” she said. “He gave me the eye. He charged us. But I’m here today.

“It was up to the elephant whether we were going to get into something or not,” she continued. “I had nothing to do with it.”

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