Carole Hochman is working on a book that ties in with her sleepwear designs — how to get a good night’s sleep.

Titled “The Gift of Sleep,” the book is being done with author Pamela Keogh, who has written three autobiographies: “Audrey Style,” about Audrey Hepburn; “Jackie Style,” on Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and “Elvis Presley: The Man. The Life. The Legend.”

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Hochman’s book, slated for publication next holiday season, will feature a variety of “sleep tips” ranging from adding a few drops of lavender essence to a humidifier to spritzing Figi mineral water on pillow cases to get the creases out.

“Not being able to sleep is like a curse,” Hochman said. “Sleeping well is a complex issue and a real eye-opener. We got [academic] experts on sleep for the book. I’m a big proponent of what you should sleep in. I personally love 100 percent pima cotton pajamas.”

Hochman said one of the best ways to get a good night’s sleep is to “make your ritual consistent.”

“Perhaps someone needs to meditate before going to sleep,” Hochman said. “I always like to watch something light on TV like ‘Seinfeld.’ Just like my grandchildren, the earlier I go to bed the better I feel the next day. I find that creating a routine helps me to transition into sleep mode just as it works for young children. Try to head to your bedroom at least 30 minutes before your bedtime, dim the lights and turn down your sheets. Creating this ritual can signal your body that it is time to sleep.”

Other tips include:

l Make your bed feel like a five-star hotel with a firm mattress, 100 percent white cotton high-thread-count sheets, lots of fluffy pillows and a down comforter with a duvet.

l For the bedroom, choose soothing neutral colors and white, and avoid TV and the bright lights of an alarm clock.

l Put work to bed by separating work and downtime.

“Try to reconcile some of the issues from the day so that you don’t go to bed with unresolved stress,” Hochman added. “I find that writing down a list of to-dos really helps to clear my mind.”

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