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E-Poll Market Research has provided top female celebrities who were ranked first by appeal, then by awareness. Four of them are mothers. Another, Christina Applegate, battled breast cancer last year. And top-ranked Jennifer Aniston, despite being a tabloid target, projects a down-to-earth image. “These women have all handled themselves gracefully within the public eye, and consumers really resonate with this,” E-Poll ceo Gerry Philpott said.

Celebrity: Jennifer Aniston        Awareness Score: 78
Celebrity: Reese Witherspoon   Awareness Score: 76
Celebrity: Halle Berry                Awareness Score: 68
Celebrity: Jodie Foster              Awareness Score: 64
Celebrity: Christina Applegate   Awareness Score: 62
Celebrity: Jennifer Garner         Awareness Score: 60

Source: E-Score Celebrity is conducted weekly among a representative sample of 1,100 respondents ages 13+ by Los Angeles-based E-Poll Market Research; scores are out of 100

This story first appeared in the February 4, 2009 issue of WWD.  Subscribe Today.

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