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WWD’s week in quotes, culled from stories that ran the week of January 13 to January 17.


• “The beauty of the fashion industry is there’s not one way to run your business. Everyone can be successful and have different platforms and ideologies. We have a strong design philosophy and a sandbox and aesthetic we play in and also a strong culture in our company. The customer connects with us through the clothing. The clothes are the star of what we do.” — Andrew Rosen, chief executive officer, Theory at the Financo Forum.

• “He was a very egotistical, self-aware man, so he might be extremely flattered. But he was always a very cantankerous guy. He wasn’t easy. He burned bridges.” — Saskia Wilson-Brown on whether or not Sadakichi Hartmann would appreciate the resuscitation and reinvention of his failed work.

• “Our stance is that we insist for the government to hold an immediate negotiation so that we can come up with a new minimum wage.” — Mann Senghak, secretary general of the Free Trade Union.

• “I’ve lived with this story half my life.” — Dan Stevens on his role in “Summer in February.”

• “The only person there to go unpack boxes, steam clothes, and do the merchandising was me. I was at Selfridges at 6:30 or 7 in the morning, or some rather unsociable hour, unpacking boxes and steaming clothes.” — Victoria Beckham on opening her pop-up at Selfridges.

• “People are appreciating the savoir faire, even the new generation of high-tech people. They want the best of the best.” ” — Christian Dior chief executive officer Sidney Toledano.

• “Extreme luxury is very much in demand, and it is the right time to make couture more visible.” — Christine Chapellu, general manager of Jean Paul Gaultier.

• “I like to look at the big picture and I like to build things in the right way. I never went into this thinking that it would be a flash in a pan.”  — Victoria Beckham.

• “In ‘The Virgin Suicides,’ we all looked like a beautiful campaign, just because everyone had the blonde hair and the sunlight — it was so ethereal.” — Kirsten Dunst on her favorite movie looks over the years.

• “We’re not building a product for an IPO. An IPO is often seen as the goal, but it’s really just an event; it’s a fund-raising event.” —Jack Dorsey

• “I think rock ‘n’ roll should be the sound of panic and excitement and ecstasy, and it can be kind of violent and paranoid and sexual, so maybe it needs that kind of big-city paranoia and energy.”
— Bobby Gillespie, lead singer, Primal Scream front row at Givenchy.

• “I’m not that comfortable in front of a still camera. I don’t know — it’s too direct. I find it a little invasive. The movie camera is a little indirect. But you learn.” — actor Matthias Schoenaerts front row at Louis Vuitton.

• “I said, ‘No one at our table is allowed to go home until I go home, and I don’t like to go home until the sun comes up.’”  — Margot Robbie, the female lead in “The Wolf of Wall Street,” at HBO’s post Golden Globes party.


• “Prabal [Gurung] sent this dress to my stylist Petra Flannery with a note that said he was thinking of me when he designed it. When you hear that, it’s a rocker writing you a love song. You have to wear it.”  — Zoe Saldana on her Golden Globes dress.

• “Every time I see a newly public company do so well, the idea does tantalize me.” — Giorgio Armani

• “Breaches are inevitable. We overshare. Big data is everywhere. The more information that’s collected, the more vulnerable we really are.” — Adam Levin,

• “Within 10 to 15 years, the typical US mall, unless completely reinvented, will be seen as an historical anachronism, a 60-year-or-so aberration. It has outlived its uselfullness.” — Rick Caruso, Caruso Affiliated

• “Cashmere is out of control. Prices are currently 20 percent higher this month versus a year ago.” — Federico Gualtieri, Filpucci, an Italian yarn firm.

• “I don’t think I’ve seen such a disruptive time than I have seen now in retail. There are some worrying signs that some ceo’s haven’t taken on the magnitude of the changes.” — Hamish Brewer, JDA software.

• “It is time that American consumers understand which brands will accept blood on t heir labels and which will not.” — Retiring Congressman George Miller (D. Calif).

• “Brands need to think carefully about the app they make. If it’s a replica of their Web site, it will be dead on arrival.” — Parham Aarabi, ModiFace, a mobile beauty company.

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