WWD Digital Forum

Executives on the front lines of the digital evolution gathered at the Asia Society in New York to discuss what’s working today and what to look for in the future.

Holiday 2012 featured five key takeaways on the marketing side, which in turn provided insights on top 2013 trends.

The campaign, which didn’t involve any monetary investment by the beauty brand, was focused solely on creating awareness of the brand.

The digital experience for brick-and-mortar stores still has a ways to go in terms of measuring up to pure-play counterparts.

Wendy Liebmann cites Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and digital as the two biggest disruptions to the retail industry to date.

Company’s ceo Jennifer Hyman addresses how retail has changed and why her company is prospering.

The brand’s social media campaign during holiday provided over 10 million impressions and downloads.

The beauty company’s marketing guru Alicia Sontag talks the art of digital strategy.

The exec emphasized the importance of implementing an omni-channel plan.

He lists other pure-play retailers like Warby Parker and Birchbox as part of a “radical transformation” taking place.

How the European flash sales site customized its business to appeal to the U.S. market.

Building an audience with social media is how the site has grown in the 13 years it’s been in existence.