WWD’s Cheap Week Coverage

There was more of less during WWD’s Cheap Week, with looks at various markets and how industry and celebrity types embrace the concept.


Some of Manhattan’s great services at a price shoppers are willing to pay, including Sephora’s eyebrow grooming services that start at $34 and Spa Butterfly’s $14 manicures.

Fall’s hottest nail lacquer hues from Knock Out, Ginger + Liz and Rococo Nail Apparel won’t break the bank

Keratin protein and Brazilian blow-dry treatments, those that range in the $400 arena, are hitting salons and the mass market for less than $100.

Celebrities throw their names on affordable fashion lines often, but do they actually wear the clothes?

WWD takes a look at the personalities of the leading value retailers worldwide, from H&M to Tesco.

There’s a new sweet spot in the men’s suit market: models that retail for less than $500.

Experts share tips on cutting costs, from a casual dinner to a fancy gala, without sacrificing elegance.

In the wonderful world of fashion, great style exists at every price. To prove the point, WWD went on a shopping spree for smart looks under $500.

Thriftily priced charming bras and undies from Paris, Milan, London, Tokyo and New York, the classic trench and chunky knits show that fantastic options exist — without breaking the bank.

In fashion, good cheap has only recently come out of the closet. That’s due primarily to the current fascination with high-low, and the realization that for even the most talented, highbrow designer types, there’s money to be made by catering to the washed and well-informed masses.

There’s no holding back this season as designers offer frothy romantic confections worthy of the red carpet — at a fraction of the cost.

Never before has it been so chic to be cheap. And the looming threat of a double-dip recession means consumers aren’t about to abandon that mind-set anytime soon.

Perhaps it was a sign when Gap sponsored this year’s Costume Institute gala: Affordability is back in fashion

Affordable style isn’t just kids’ stuff. These days, there’s a whole lot of chic going on for work and play retailing for less than $200.

Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is a bargain. Fashion insiders, from Michael Kors to Alexander Wang, share their definition of “cheap.”

Vendors and retailers attending the New York trade shows this month said conditions had compelled them to target costs, but not at the expense of quality.

Is this the dawn of a New Consumer Age, as many experts contend, one that will force brands and retailers to make tectonic changes in the way they do business and transform the nature of shopping in America? Or is the consumer simply the same — just slightly different due to economic pressures?

When there’s a social obligation every night of the week — as will be the case post-Labor Day — not every pre-party prep session can include an $85 blowout at Fekkai.

Bargain pricing is part of the DNA of the innerwear category, and vendors and retailers are trying to respond to expectation for value and stylishness.