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E-commerce likely to account for one in every five dollars spent on specialty apparel in 2012.

There are various methods for social engagement, and what works for one brand isn’t necessarily what works for another.

It has become a global brand due to a cohesive, single-platform e-commerce strategy.

Technology that was considered cutting edge or experimental is now mainstream, said the chief marketing officer and president of Saks Direct.

As digital evolves, firms need to consider whether an app is really necessary, how to best use QR codes and own correct digital locations.

Erika Bearman, OscarPRGirl, mapped out a five-point strategy — be innovative, develop evangelists, eliminate middlemen, move first and sell more stuff.

The brand’s holiday ad campaign helped hike last year’s e-commerce sales by 11 percent.

Where do retailers look to hire tech-savvy, merchant-friendly, self-starting, collaborative job candidates?

The online home design publication has a following that’s borderline obsessive.

Wade Gerten of 8thBridge said the future of e-commerce lies within reshaping the experience completely around people.