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Sometimes when a celebrity attends an event, it’s completely unclear why they’re there. Other times, it makes perfect sense. Wednesday night at the New York Academy of Art’s annual Take a Home a Nude auction at Sotheby’s, John Currin and Rachel Feinstein, Eileen Guggenheim, Kate Spade and Ron Perelman were joined by starlets Heather Graham and Elizabeth Berkley, better known for their bodies than their bodies of work. (Graham went full-frontal in the film “Boogie Nights,” and Berkley infamously played a stripper in “Showgirls.”)

“It’s not something I treat casually,” said Berkley of disrobing. “In the situations that I’ve chosen to do it, it’s because I trusted the filmmaker and the role.”

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Fellow attendee Liev Schreiber professed a more cavalier attitude towards nudity. “I not only love doing it, I love seeing it,” he said. “I like seeing naked people.”

That much was obvious during the live auction, when he placed a winning $52,000 bid for Eric Fischl’s “Study for Zoullas Family, 2009.”

More lithe bodies — though clothed ones — were on display at the Cinema Society and Dior Beauty premiere for “An Education,” where Carey Mulligan mingled with Zoë Kravitz, Susan Sarandon, Mamie Gummer and Steve Guttenberg.

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