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With frigid temps almost equal to their dress sizes, the socials faced the extra burden of looking chic for a string of ladylike fashion week shows Monday. But those who lined the Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta front rows proved they were up to the challenge, mixing knee-high boots, minidresses, tights, furs and knits. Jamee Gregory, just back from St. Barth’s a day earlier, was unaccustomed to the frigid weather, but took it in stride.

“I put on these boots,” she said, gesturing to her tall brown suede footwear after the Herrera show. “And I have so many layers on! It was so warm in there I had to keep peeling them off.”

She wasn’t the only one taking the layering route. Shoshanna Gruss slipped a turtleneck under her white jumper, Tiffany Dubin wore a tissue-thin knit under her Vera Wang dress (topped with a white Dior parka) and Lauren duPont paired a short-sleeved Lux sweater with a long-sleeved brown T-shirt.

“It was so hard to get dressed for the cold,” lamented duPont. “I’m not sure this is going to work for the whole day.”

But work it did, as it carried her to Oscar later that day, where Mercedes Bass chose a cuddly fur and Annette de la Renta forwent 10021 stilettos in favor of Vermont-worthy boots with tucked-in gray slacks. Lisa Airan also evoked New England with her high-fashion sportswear twist.

“I’m in YSL and my parka ski vest because it’s cold out there,” she said of her printed dress, accessorized with high-heeled boots and a ski hat.

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