“Italian,” sniffed a guest at the French Embassy Tuesday night as he checked out the wine.

“Send it back,” someone said.

“Ah, va bene,” the Frenchman conceded in defeat, before asking his tablemates if anyone else seated spoke his native tongue.

Unfortunately he was out of luck, but plenty of Francophiles were gathered elsewhere in the crowd to fete interior designer Jacques Grange, who was nominated as a Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur and is about to begin revamping The Mark hotel.

Charlotte Sarkozy, Anh Duong, artist Michele Oka Doner, Zac Posen and Jacqueline Schnabel wandered through the elegant mansion, formerly the home of the Payne Whitney clan, admiring the gilded and mirrored Venetian room and the Alexander Calder mobile on the second floor.

It was a truly multi-culti evening at the embassy—the guest of honor was French, the meal was Italian and by the end of the evening it was the Americans who shut down the place, smoking and drinking, as “Guantanamera” played in the background.

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