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“I truly feel like I am standing on the shoulders of giants tonight,” said Kate Bosworth at Monday night’s Elle Women in Hollywood dinner.

It’s not the first time the phrase has been spoken, but the petite actress could have been speaking literally as well as figuratively. The well-attended awards show, adopted from the late Premiere magazine, was back for its 14th year at the Four Seasons, and this year’s Icon Award honorees included Bosworth, Jennifer Connelly, Scarlett Johansson, Diane Lane, Amy Adams, Julie Taymor and Lauren Bacall. Guests included Melissa George, Amber Tamblyn, Kristen Bell, Elizabeth Perkins and a few token males such as Topher Grace and Emile Hirsch. (Of course, every honoree had a date: Bosworth brought James Rousseau, Lane and Connelly brought respective husbands Josh Brolin and Paul Bettany.)

Most of the presenters and honorees eschewed the teleprompter in favor of ad-libbed speeches, or, in Johansson’s case, index cards. Although she was the last to take the stage, admitting that being an icon has its privileges — “available tables at Osteria Mozza, top service at Chateau Marmont and fabulous freebies and glam getups” — the night belonged to Bacall, who deemed fashion chitchat beneath her. “I never discuss my wardrobe. It’s far too boring,” she said when asked what she was wearing. “I’m thrilled to be here tonight because it proves that I’m still breathing. A lot of people think I’m dead.”

Also very much alive was director Rob Reiner, who recalled going shopping at Giorgio Armani with Bacall in hopes of catching a glimpse of her in the buff through the dressing room door. “I wanted to see what Bogie saw,” he said.

But Bacall begged to differ. “He should be grateful he didn’t see me naked.”

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