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Janet Jackson does not travel lightly. Arriving at Indochine on Wednesday night, where Glenda Bailey hosted a dinner in honor of Jackson’s October cover, the singer was followed into the restaurant by a bodyguard, her choreographer and four or so friends. Just another day, or night, in the life of a megastar who rarely finds herself alone. “You don’t want to be [alone]. It can get dangerous,” Jackson said.

Anyone who’s been in the tents this week and seen the manic frenzy that surrounds celebrities knows what Jackson is talking about. Fortunately, the atmosphere at Ralph Lauren’s show on Thursday, where Jackson sat in the front row with Dylan Lauren, was under control. “I love how he can be very feminine but at the same time mix in something that’s very masculine,” said Jackson of the designer. “I grew up as a tomboy, and I’m still a tomboy. That’s why he’s one of my favorite designers.”

After the show, the very private Jackson left to unwind after what turned out to be a very public week (she performed at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday and attended the Marc Jacobs/V party on Monday in addition to her appearances at Indochine and Ralph). “I’m going to kick off my shoes and massage my own feet,” she said, laughing. Out of all those people, there’s no one around to rub her feet? “Of course [there is],” she said. “But it takes a few hours before they can come to the house.”

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