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NEW YORK — Renowned psychic Carmen Harra knows why Jennifer Lopez chose a pink engagement ring — and the answer has nothing to do with cut, clarity or carat. “Pink is the color of new beginnings,” Harra trills in her Romanian-tinged English. For years, Harra has preached the supernatural power of color to celebrity clients like J. Lo and Courteney Cox Arquette as well as to noncelebrities, promoting a fashion cure for all that ails. “My advice is always to wear something that can empower you,” Harra says, whose own closet is full of plenty of fuchsia and hot pink.

Queen Elizabeth wears yellow because it’s the color of goddesses, Harra explains, while the Pope wears white, the color of purity. Lonely hearts who visit her bright apartment overlooking Central Park receive a prescription for green and are sternly warned against wearing anything black. “A lot of the young generation wear all black,” Harra sighs. “It’s OK if you’re going to a black tie, but if you wear it constantly, you must question why you’re not married, why you don’t attract anybody, why you’re sad and why you’re tired at a very early age. It has a lot to do with color.”

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But for those who are determined to resolve their karmic issues and can’t afford a perky pink pick-me-up like J.Lo’s 6.1-carat bauble, Harra has created a new line of jewelry. Spread across her dining room table are a white crystal bracelet with a small pyramidal charm, a necklace made from a rough slice of hot pink quartz hanging from a simple gold chain and a gold mesh cuff tangled with nuggets of agate.

Harra will introduce her signature collection, which has prices that range from $20 to $80, during “Karmic Treasure,” a half-hour shopping show she’ll host on QVC in March. Beyond the mystical jewelry’s physical appeal, Harra says her pieces are designed with stones that have the power to grant wishes and provide psychic protection. “Jewelry’s not just something you accessorize with. It has significance,” Harra explains. “It changes your state of mind.”

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