When they’re not swooning over Keanu Reeves in “Matrix Revolutions” next Friday, movie-goers should keep their eyes on Clayton Watson, the Aussie import who beat out 1,300 other actors for the role of The Kid, Neo’s heir apparent. Watson, 26, made a name for himself Down Under in the series, “Always Greener,” about a country and city family who trade places, and will star next year in “Under The Radar,” playing a dangerous amnesiac.

Though he lives in Sydney, Watson grew up on a sheep station in southern Australia that’s been in his family for four generations. Now, he’s adopted a sleeker persona. “I love the process of suiting myself out,” says Watson. “It’s part and parcel of my business to look good.”

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Still, walking the red carpet hardly compares with Watson’s other thrill-seeking pastimes — surfing, mountain biking, snowboarding and something called base-jumping. “You basically jump off a building with a parachute on your back and yank the cord,” he explains. “It’s the ultimate rush.”

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