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Party favors don’t normally include earplugs and face masks, but that’s exactly what a crowd of New Yorkers were given when Yvonne Force Villareal staged her latest Art Production Fund event Monday night. It turned out they were much needed, as motorcycle riders dramatically performed artist Aaron Young’s “Greeting Card” (an homage to the Jackson Pollack painting of the same name) at the Park Avenue Armory. Watching from the gallery were co-hosts Tom Ford and Tobias Meyer, along with Rufus Wainwright, Sean Lennon, Chloe Sevigny, Gina Gershon and Signourney Weaver.

The event, impressive for its size, noise level and the clouds of white smoke, raised a few eyebrows. “I’ve come a long way from Springfeild, Ohio,” said John Legend, with his father in tow. “It’s an interesting thing to take him out to.”

At the dinner afterwards, Ford explained why he got involved with the project. “I admire people who are purely artistic, because I am not—I’m commercial,” he said.

A few blocks up, the social set plunged into the thick of things with the New Yorkers for Children’s annual fall gala. This year, however, the event was held at 583 Park Avenue rather than the usual and capacious Cipriani 42nd Street and the banquet hall like setting had some guests feeling like fish out of water.

“We could be anywhere!” exclaimed Helen Schifter as she surveyed the cocktails scene in the old church’s basement. “We could be in Chicago.”

Muffie Potter Aston found an upside in the dark and nondescript locale. “Dim lighting is my best accessory,” she joked.

Meanwhile, at Sotheby’s, Tory Burch, Olivia Chantecaille and Eleanor Ylvisaker celebrated the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention, which is opening in Harlem later this year. Guests nursed cocktails and mingled among auction items until Ralph Lauren and Lance Armstrong took to the podium to champion their cause. “I’m a fan of Ralph the man,” said Armstrong.

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