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“Welcome to Santos Night,” a group of zealous Cartier doormen exclaimed to revelers pushing their way into the Lexington Armory late Tuesday. The jeweler was feting the 100th anniversary of its signature Santos watch, as well as eight “modern pioneers,” who included Zac Posen, who brought Claire Danes and Stella and Lola Schnabel; David LaChapelle, who posed with sometime muse Amanda Lepore, and Mario Batali, who arrived in a blazer and shorts.

Perhaps Batali dressed most appropriately because, inside, temperatures reached close to boiling point, and not just with reporters frustrated that Leonard DiCaprio wouldn’t speak to the press. Instead, he chose to chat up Hilary Swank.

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Marisa Tomei was having a hard time deciding on her favorite pioneer. There was Batali: “After all, a way to a girl’s head is through her stomach,” Tomei said. On the other hand, there was Posen, who had designed her outfit: “But then you have to get rid of the stomach to wear the dress.”

As usual, Chloë Sevigny proved herself a fashion pioneer. Having smashed her front teeth falling over in a pair of Balenciaga boots last Thanksgiving, she decided to test-drive the boots again for the evening.

“What can I say, I’m still wearing them,” Sevigny sighed. “They just make me so tall.”

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