Today was a true dog day of the summer, hot and steamy. I came to Nello for the Dolce & Gabbana luncheon with wet hair (at least I was cool) and wearing the D&G skirt purchased from the event last year. I was expecting that no one [would be] in the mood to shop, but…

As Jackie Astier and I both turned into a bumper-to-bumper parking lot, we walked into an equally crowded room of flushed women. And despite this heat, they shopped, especially for a cause. This year 15 percent of sales was donated to City on Wheels and Herbal Remedy for Children’s Allergies.

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To start, Shalah Monroque chose my favorite item — a white fur coat (is it llama?) with black ribbon trim. An onlooking photographer bet her that in this heat she could not keep it on for an hour. Certainly, my bet was on her — cool in every way. I encouraged friend Tico Mugrabi, who arrived with co-host Samantha Boardman’s husband Aby, to purchase this white fantasy number for Shalah!

Hostesses Erica Karsch and Stephanie Winston Wolkoff both wore variations on the same cocktail dress — a bustier, casually pleated hourglass dress, hugging the body just right. In either the silver, worn by Erica, or the brighter purple two tone, worn by Stephanie, or the muslin-covered peach one on the mannequin — this dress is for this season, and even next….

My favorite look, however, was the T-shirt of Marilyn Monroe with their skinny jeans and a classic Dolce & Gabbana tailored tweed jacket. Or, switch out the T-shirt for their classic silk button-down — but the color must be the bright purple and pink one! Along with this uniform, add in their patchwork boot heel (which I ordered) for just an additional layer of texture and color.

As I left to go and enjoy the waves with my kids, I followed out Kim Heirston with a bag of blouses, and Simone Levinson, who, while empty-handed, announced that she “works out alone and shops alone” — so a consignment bag of clothes will be sent up to her soon!


Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn

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