“I’d love to have the power to make everybody happy.”
—Manolo Blahnik

“Have you heard of the superhero Black Canary? She has the power to screech at an incredibly high pitch that only her enemies can hear and it immobilizes them. She’s blonde and wears fishnets.”
—Cate Blanchett

“I would want to be able to teleport so I wouldn’t have to travel anywhere.”
—Rachel Weisz

“I’d like to be able to fly, so I could get around L.A. a little faster.”
—Kevan Hall

“I’d love to have the power to be invisible—that way nobody would notice when I’m late.”
—Anne Hathaway

“Turning anything into light.”
—Laura Dern

“To have a clone, but know what I’m doing in different places at the same time.”
—Catalina Sandino Moreno

“To make a closet full of vintage Chanel appear.”
—Ali Larter

“To land any role of my choosing. I’d really take that over flying.”
—Ginnifer Goodwin

“To have the ability to make people happy instantly.”
—Eva Green

“The superpower to finally be understood for who I am.”
—Courtney Love

“I’d have a device that would enable people to really understand each other.”
—Charlotte Rampling

“I would like to be invisible. There are just those days when you don’t want to speak to anyone or you just wanna listen in. I like to hear gossip.”
—Coco Rocha
“I would choose to have the power to bring peace across the entire world.”
—Paco Rabanne
“Master of space and time: to be able to be in several spots at the same moment, or visit past eras to study their cultures, ways of life and fashions.”
—Christian Lacroix
“I don’t know that I’d want a superpower. Say, if you got to be invisible, you may hear things you don’t want to and see things you never want to see.”

“No need.”
—Karl Lagerfeld

“I’d be able to disappear at any time. That would be convenient.”
—Beyoncé Knowles

“I’d like to be able to make things materialize. That would save a lot of time because God knows I’m always late.”
—Marc Jacobs

“I wish I could just blink my eyes and have all my suitcases and bags packed and then beam myself to another country in five minutes.”
—Rachel Zoe

“I would stop poverty, make sure everyone could eat and get an education.”
—Sean “Diddy” Combs

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