Enrique and Anna: Splitsville? * At the Crillon Haute Couture Ball * The Napoleonic Complex

International pop star Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova, his tennis-playing cutie, have just agreed to disagree and have broken up. Enrique’s father, the legendary lothario and singer Julio Iglesias, is fond of Anna, and is telling Enrique not to do anything rash. The sexy couple met two years ago in Long Beach, Calif., where they filmed a red-hot video together. They told everyone for a while that they were just good friends, but when they finally showed up together at the 2002 MTV Music Awards, the cat was out of the bag. The couple became famous — or infamous — for their public displays of affection and she made it no secret that her favorite place was on his lap where she’s been photographed non-stop. They’ve been living together in Miami for over a year and Enrique even bought an $8 million mansion in Hollywood as their little love nest. But don’t mail your picture and résumé just yet. He’s muy Latino and she’s ochen Ruski and both are prone to melodramatic gestures.

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Of course by now you’ve heard Gwyneth Paltrow and her boyfriend, Chris Martin, are expecting their first child next summer. But what you might not know is that they have promised each other to take a full year off from their busy careers in order to make the process a gentle and loving one. There are also quiet plans afoot for a wedding sometime next year. They are anxious to include their families in a formal wedding after the baby is born and Gwyneth gets her figure back. The British clairvoyant, Sharon Neil, claims that Martin recently visited her to quiz her about his chances for a happy marriage. As for Gwyneth, her thoughts about her ideal future is that her marriage will be blessed “with three or four children.”

Have you heard that 47-year-old Geena Davis is expecting twins next year? She is married to surgeon Dr. Reza Jarrahy and already has an 18-month old daughter. Geena will play Debra Messing’s sister on the hit series “Will and Grace” this season and of course we all know too that Messing, herself, is expecting a real-life baby next year.

The impossibly chic Mercedes Bass and her Texas tycoon husband, Sid, have been married for 15 years —can you believe it? Who among us does not remember when their love was new? It was at a time when both were married to others and their romance was the talk of the town. But love prevailed and now their close friends from all over have been invited to a small dinner in the St. Regis Dining Room on Wednesday. Congratulations to both. The gentlemen are requested to wear black tie and as for the ladies, it’s “Dress to kill.” Lordy lordy.

Even though Jude Law loves New York, he’s decided not to move here and to stay in London because he wants to be close to his three small children. Dear Jude wants to be a full-time daddy so if he can’t live with his kids, he wants to be near their doorstep. Sienna Miller and Jude are planning to buy a $1.5 million nest in Primrose Hill practically around the corner from his old house where the kids are living with his ex-wife Sadie Frost.

As for Hugh Grant, he’s told his brother James Grant, a banker who lives in New York, that his real sweetheart is a 30-year-old blonde Polish beauty, Kasia Komorowicz, a United Nations employee that he’s supposedly been dating secretly for the past three years in London. Secretly in London? Kasia has been going around saying, “I totally love Hugh, he’s amazing. He’s a great kisser and we have a fantastic time. We meet for drinks or dinner and spend nice evenings together. I would love to be with him more but he’s all over the place emotionally.” Really? Really? Maybe Kasia should button up.

Lord Snowden, the former husband of Queen Elizabeth’s late sister Princess Margaret, has commissioned journalist Anne de Courcy to write his biography. This is sure to be a fascinating book considering the stormy 18-year marriage he and the princess had and his role as one of the world’s most famous fashion and court photographers. The marriage produced two of the least controversial and most attractive members of the royal family: Viscount Linley, an accomplished furniture designer, and Lady Sarah Armstrong Jones. Each has two young children. De Courcy seems to be a good choice, as she received good notices for her book “The Viceroy’s Daughters: The Lives of the Curzon Sisters,” spanning the 1920s, Thirties and Forties, chronicling the racy story of Irene, Cynthia and Alexandra “Baba” Curzon, the daughters of Lord Curzon, the Viceroy of India. Baba, one of the greatest of British beauties, was the mother of bon vivant David Metcalfe, who can be seen at every international lighted candle.

Among the list of debutantes at the Crillon Haute Couture Ball in Paris, sponsored by the jeweler Mikimoto, were Alexia Calogeropoulos-Stratis, a lovely bud who is Greek on her father’s side and Iranian on her mother’s. These days, she is studying in Paris and for her big night at the ball chose a dress by Franck Sorbier. A deb coming from Japan was Natsue Kanto, who was invited by Mikimoto himself. She is a musician and when she stepped out on the red carpet, she wore a gown created just for her by Japanese designer Hanae Mori. The first Mexican debutante to be presented at this ball was Lucia Gonzalez-Botello. She is 18 and the dress she wore was designed by Scherrer. The French debutantes were an exceptional lot: Naguissa Tajan, 17, the daughter of French auctioneer Jacques Tajan and his Japanese wife, Hiromi, wore a dress by Christian Lacroix; Clarisse Ladreit de Lacharriere was dressed by Pascal Millet for Carven Haute Couture; Eleonore de La Grandiere, 17, wore a dress by her favorite designer, Ungaro, and Berenice de Warren, 17, whose mother is the director of the perfume company Annick Goutal, fell in love with the gown she wore by Dominique Sirop. The winner of Jalouse Magazine’s 2003 contest for the most fashionable lady of the year was Juliette Richard, who wore a dress by the young French designers E2. All the young ladies had their hair styled by Franck Provost and their makeup done by Shu Uemura. Mr. Shu Uemura himself came from Japan to witness the girls. How do you say ooh-là-là in Japanese?

Some of the city’s sweetest and most charitable ladies, including Cornelia Guest, Kimberly Rockefeller, such Hearsts as Anne, Amanda, Gillian and Lydia, Muffie Potter Aston, Wendy Carduner, Joanne de Guardiola and Ashley and Lauren Bush are gift-shopping this week in their roles as committee members for the U.S. Marine Corp’s Annual Toys for Tots Drive to be held at Doubles next Monday. CeCe Cord has told the party’s host, Richard Torrenzano, that she’ll bring a litter of stuffed dogs she has modeled after her very own Yorkshire Terrier, Tiger, and they’ll be all dressed up in blue or green Bavarian mufflers, decorated with cherries or acorns as Christmas presents for the underprivileged tots.

Everybody wants to be Napoleon — or at least play him in the flicks. A French production is planned. The title role was to have been played by Stanley Tucci, but too bad, that fell through. Al Pacino has been said for some time as ever ready to play Nap in a film also to be made in France. Can’t you just see him? But the most recent actor to throw the cocked hat in the ring saying he wants to play the little banty rooster is — ta-da! — Jack Nicholson. I can wait if you can.

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