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As usual, the entrance to Marc Jacobs’ fashion show was clogged with stars and paparazzi; what was unusual was that most of the celebs were musical ones: from Rod Stewart (with daughter Kim in tow) to Lenny Kravitz to Joss Stone. Of course, Jacobs had his perennial eclectic mix, including Lee Radziwill, Roberto Cavalli and Michelle Rodriguez, still on probation from her DUI-related charges in 2004 and wearing an unusual “ankle bracelet.”

“This is government-issued, honey,” said the actress of the cumbersome contraption, which she had painted over with the slogans “1984” and “Orwell” in protest.

Things were less political on the other side of the runway, where Cavalli was paying a diplomatic visit. “Marc is number one in New York,” said Cavalli, who is in town until Friday before he leaves for Los Angeles, and then back home to Italy to prep for his own show.

Meanwhile, Harry Connick Jr. was being swept along by the tide of TV cameras. Stone was even more unfamiliar with the goings-on around her. “It’s wicked,” said the British singer. “It’s mad. People are screaming my name and I don’t know what to do.”

She found comfort by chatting up Kravitz, who brought his daughter, Zoe, and they all squeezed in next to American Idol Katharine McPhee. Down the row, David Byrne marveled at the scale of the massive runway. “This is the first American show I’ve been to. I went to a show in Tokyo, but this is much bigger,” he said.

Calmly observing all the hoopla was Radziwill, clad in a coat that Jacobs gave her last year. “This is the only show I’m seeing,” she said. “He’s a really close friend.”

Friend or not, she wasn’t headed to the after party at Eugene. “I think there will be an awful lot of people,” she said. And she was right.

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“It’s too crowded. If you see Marc, tell him I said, ‘Hi,'” said Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon at the club, which throbbed with writhing hipsters, scores of drag queens and fashion hangers-on. Terry Richardson held court on a banquette, Rodriguez took photos with a digital camera and Lil’ Kim sat in the back guarded by a security guard who clocked in at nearly 300 pounds.

“I thought the show was genius,” enthused Lil’ Kim. “So classy. Hi, Baby!” “Baby” was Jacobs himself, who made his way to his table just after 11.

“I feel great,” he said, a statement that was more than a little amusing, given that he’d just shown what he admitted was one of the most somber collections of his career. “It was a sad show,” he said, “but I’m not depressed about it. I just had this bizarre, sexual, almost fetishistic obsession with classicism and boredom. I was watching Bertolucci films.”

Jacobs wasn’t the only designer partying Monday night, though. More of the fashion-minded sardined themselves into the Rose Bar for the Marchesa after party. “Do you want to meet my mom?” Harvey Weinstein asked Rachel Zoe as she walked in. “I’ve met her before. I love your mom,” Zoe enthused.

Designers Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman were also dutifully watching after their mothers, both in town from London. Of course, watching over one’s parents can be trying. “Why do you think we live here and they live in London?” Chapman laughed.

Meanwhile, Jacquetta Wheeler hung out by the DJ booth and Sam Shepard (presumably a guest at the hotel, not a fashion fiend) was in strokingly deep conversation with a PYT at the bar. Jefferson Hack, Sophie Dahl, Devendra Banhart and Helena Christensen were huddled at a center table and surrounded by Champagne. Jack Huston was just passing time before he headed back to Los Angeles today for upcoming film projects, including a biopic of Ernest Hemingway. “Lots of reading, lots of absinthe and lots of girls,” Huston joked of the part.

Across town, Max Azria and his ever-loyal clan took over Buddha Bar. Camilla Belle and her mother chatted with Lubov Azria, while Australian actress Rachael Taylor giggled with fellow thespian Melissa Sagemiller.

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